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How Much CBD Should You Take?

CBD is a safe and natural way to unwind. CBD products are versatile, making it simple to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Its quick-acting properties can also help with real-time relaxation support. So, how much CBD should you take to unwind? Let us assist you in resolving this issue so you can enjoy the peace you deserve!

What Is the Appropriate CBD Oil Dosage for Relaxation?

There are few studies on how much CBD oil to take for stressed behavior. A high serving of CBD is used in the most credible published study (300-600mg).

At first, we don't recommend taking such a high dose of CBD. You should start with small portions to see how your body reacts and work your way up.

How Do I Pick the Best CBD Dosage for Me?

Before trying any new CBD product, you should always know how much CBD you're getting. The information on CBD labels is crucial. They may, however, be challenging to comprehend, even for experienced CBD users!

Before you begin, figure out how much CBD is in a single serving. On the label of some brands, the amount of CBD oil in one dropper-full is indicated. On the other hand, some companies only reveal the total CBD content of the bottle. You can figure out how much CBD is in each dropper by taking the total CBD mg in the bottle and dividing it with the total ml in the bottle.

For example, a 30ml bottle with 900 mg of CBD would be 900/30 = 30ml of CBD.

Starting with half a dropperful of CBD is recommended. Allow up to 30 minutes before noticing how you're feeling. Then, every 15-30 minutes, gradually increase your serving by a half dropper to find your ideal serving for relaxation.

It's not an exact science to find your ideal serving. While this introduction provides a good starting point, your needs may change on a daily basis. Some days may necessitate less CBD oil, while others may require more.

To be honest, it's impossible to say how much CBD oil promotes relaxation. The effects are as distinct as the individual who is experiencing them.

What Factors Affect CBD's Body Effects?

Wellness routines are constantly changing to meet the needs of each individual. CBD oil is one of the most beneficial supplements for a healthy lifestyle. You can adjust your CBD dosage to achieve and maintain the desired effect.

It may take some time to find the ideal serving size. Let's look at some of the factors that could influence your CBD effects.

The health of the Metabolic System

For maximum benefits, CBD oil must be absorbed and metabolized. Many factors, such as genetics, metabolism, body type, and diet, can influence our ideal CBD serving for relaxation.


The amount of stress we're under and how we deal with it can also influence how much CBD we need. A drop of CBD tincture, for example, could help you focus while taking a test or giving a presentation at work.

If daily stress levels rise, a single drop may not be enough. CBD tinctures give you the freedom to tailor your support to your specific needs as they arise.


CBD is a fantastic way to stay healthy on a daily basis. On the other hand, some people only use CBD when they need to unwind. While CBD can help both parties, they may require different dosages depending on how often they use it.

Purity of the Oil

CBD oil brands are unique in the same way that no two humans are alike. To achieve a relaxing effect, high-quality oils will require fewer drops. In contrast, low-quality CBD oils will most likely require larger servings.

Natural phytocannabinoids and terpenes are present in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils. CBD bioavailability is increased thanks to these powerful extracts. When compared to pure CBD isolate, you'll need fewer drops of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD drops.

Additional Ingredients

While CBD oil is the main ingredient in CBD products, it isn't the only one. Hemp extract is mixed with fruit-based oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and MCT oil.

Healthy fats abound in these thicker oils. When we consume CBD oil, they help to keep it from degrading. Additionally, these oils improve overall absorption.

Unflavored CBD can sometimes be too intense for some palates, even though CBD oil has a natural, nutty flavor. Many manufacturers use other ingredients to add flavor or sweetness to their formula.

Synthetic flavoring agents may be used by some brands, lowering the overall quality of CBD oil. Essential oils are used to flavor the tincture in higher-quality oils.

Terpenes are responsible for the flavor of essential oils. Terpenes, as previously stated, increase the overall effectiveness of CBD oil. As a result, CBD drops with natural flavors may help with overall relaxation.

Using CBD Tinctures for Relaxation

CBD tinctures are an excellent way to get immediate relief during the day. They can also provide you with additional comfort as you relax at night. CBD tinctures can be used in various ways to help you relax.

Drop into your mouth

The most convenient way to take CBD tinctures is to drop the dropper full of the desired serving directly into your mouth. This is where the majority of the CBD will be absorbed. Within 30 minutes, you should start to feel the benefits. If not, gradually increase your serving size by 15-30 minutes until you achieve the desired effect.

Incorporate into a bath

High-quality CBD drops infused with essential oils can help turn your bath into a spa experience, as they not only taste great but also smell great! Many terpenes found in common essential oils can help you relax. They'll also keep your skin hydrated.

Concoct a mocktail

Make a CBD mocktail instead of pouring a glass of wine at night. CBD tinctures are a tasty way to add some non-habit-forming relaxation to your nightcap. (check out our Instagram for new recipes every week!)

Adding Flavor to a Cup of Tea

A warm cup of tea will help you relax even more. As usual, steep your favorite tea. Add your desired amount of CBD tincture after you've disposed of the tea leaves or bag. Ensure the water isn't too hot because you don't want the CBD to degrade.

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