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Taking CBD to the Next Level

From our first day, BLOOM EXPRESS has been committed to providing top-quality products and the best customer care. We are proud to be one of New York’s based CBD-infused product brands that will help start a nationwide CBD movement. We stand by the extraordinary benefits and vast potential of everything we offer and invite you to experience the rewards for yourself.

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Dimitris, has been an avid soccer player since his childhood. In order to mitigate the pains and stresses from his intensive training, Dimitris began using CBD. He quickly ran into a problem; there were so many CBD-related companies, he wasn’t sure whom to trust or where to go, and they were too expensive to test all of them. So, he paired up with our smarter, funnier, and better-looking co-founder, Saad, and together they began Bloom Express. 


One of the most differentiating aspects of our company is our Customer First Philosophy. This company was started by customers, for customers. CBD should not be expensive, and we want you to be able to test it and continually use it without breaking your bank. In collaboration with our fantastic manufacturing partners in Colorado, we have created some of the best CBD products in the market and offer them the lowest possible price.


To better serve you, we want to be the go-to for CBD. We provide you with blog posts, videos, reviews, and pictures, so you can make sure you’re doing your due diligence. Want to know the difference between Indica & Sativa? How much THC is in your CBD? The legality of CBD in your area? We got you. 

Help us change the way CBD is seen, and let’s disrupt the CBD industry together!

B|E Different.

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